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Balanced Leadership: What 30 Years of Research Tells us About the Effect of Leadership on Student Accountability
Author:  T. Waters, R. Marzano, B. McNulty
Format:  article
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In this meta-analysis of more than 5,000 studies that examine leadership practices on student achievement, the authors describe a balanced leadership framework that outlines the knowledge, skills, strategies, and tools leaders need to positively impact student achievement. In essence, there is a substantial relationship, positive and negative, between leadership and student achievement.

The authors identify focus of changes and understanding magnitude or order of change as the two primary variables that determine effective leadership. Focus of change describes whether leaders properly identify and focus on improving the school and classroom practices that are most likely to have a positive impact on student achievement.

Understanding magnitude and order of change describes the approach the leader is taking to introduce and lead change within a school. Regardless of the method, the authors clearly describe the need for school leaders to be purposeful and deliberate with their approach in order to effectively lead.

While this study does not specifically address teacher leadership, it is an essential resource for teacher leaders since it describes the skills and traits for the art of leadership. Teacher leaders can use this exemplar to transform their instructional leadership into school leadership through building relationships and collaboration.
Link to Exemplar:  http://www.mcrel.org/pdf/LeadershipOrganizationDevelopment/5031RR_BalancedLeadership.pdf
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