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The Missing Link in School Reform
Author:  C. Leana
Title/Position: George H. Love Professor of Organizations and Management at the University of Pittsburgh
Format:  article
The Exemplar will be most useful for: Supporting Teacher Leaders at Your School
Carrie R. Leana asserts that the power of teacher collaboration is highly overlooked in school reform discussions in the United States. The exemplar cites large-scale research on student achievement in math, conducted primarily in New York City schools between 2005 and 2007. This research reveals that students whose teachers had stronger ties with their peers and demonstrated evidence of collaboration showed the highest gains in math. More specifically, students showed higher gains in math achievement when teachers reported having frequent conversations about math with their peers and when there was a climate of trust and collaboration among teachers. Teacher leaders can apply these findings as they develop their “social capital” by working collaboratively to develop instructional capacity.
Link to Exemplar:  http://www.ssireview.org/articles/entry/the_missing_link_in_school_reform
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