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Math and Science Leadership Academy: Creating a Teacher-Led School for Diverse Learners
Author:  Alan Wieder
Title/Position: Center for Teaching Quality
Location of Exemplar:  Carrboro, NORTH CAROLINA
School/District/Organization: Math and Science Leadership Academy
Format:  article
The Exemplar will be most useful for: Starting a Teacher-Led School
The Math and Science Leadership Academy (MSLA) of Denver, Colorado, is a public, teacher-led school working to meet the needs of a diverse population through redefining traditional teacher and administrator roles. MSLA, which first opened in 2009, is currently serving 256 students in grades kindergarten through third. The school's staff of teachers who, in addition to teaching for at least a portion of their day, also fulfill the administrative duties typically performed by principals, curriculum specialists, and mentors. Through collaboration, the teacher leaders at MSLA work to create a culture in which students are active and empowered, learning is applicable and integrated, and the community is involved and embraced.

This case study explores the creation, implementation, and impact of MSLA. As advocates for the advancement of student learning and the profession, teacher leaders may promote concepts already in action at MSLA. For instance, through its use of hybrid roles, MSLA is capitalizing on the benefits of teacherpreneurs (see the book TEACHING 2030 for additional information on these part-time classroom roles that enable teachers to work for the advancement of educational policy, practice, and research while remaining connected and active within the classroom).
Link to Exemplar:  http://www.teachingquality.org/sites/default/files/MSLA_20110919_FINAL.pdf
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