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Teacher Leaders As School-Based Reformers
Author:  Roland Barth
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Format:  article
The Exemplar will be most useful for: Supporting Teacher Leaders at Your School
According to Roland Barth, teacher leaders are school-based reformers, capable of transforming schools from within and becoming owners and investors in the school, rather than mere tenants. The author argues that teacher leadership holds great promise for all stakeholders. He states, "when teachers lead, principals extend their own capacity, students enjoy a democratic community of learners, and schools benefit from better decisions" (pg. 445).

Barth notes that principals can either be barriers or builders in achieving this vision. Principals "can embed teacher leadership in the school's culture, cast a wet blanket on it, or have no influence at all." (pg. 449).

Teacher leaders have a responsibility to advocate for shared leadership within their buildings, districts, and states. Through this shared leadership, principals can leverage their own leadership and build instructional capacity when they inspire a culture of teacher leadership in their schools.
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