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TEACHING 2030: What We Must Do for Our Students and Our Public Schools: Now and in the Future
Author:  B. Berry, TeacherSolutions 2030
Title/Position: Barnett Berry is founder and president of the Center for Teaching Quality. The TeacherSolutions 2030 Team includes 12 expert teacher leaders from across the U.S.
Location of Exemplar:  Carrboro, NORTH CAROLINA
School/District/Organization: Center for Teaching Quality
Format:  book
The Exemplar will be most useful for: Starting a Teacher-Led School
Berry and 12 of America’s most accomplished classroom educators advocate for a 21st-century teaching profession to bring expert pedagogical know-how and fresh and provocative policy ideas to the national school reform debate. They propose the creation of hybrid, or “teacherpreneur,” roles that allow teachers to remain active in their classrooms part time while also working outside it, focusing on education policy, research, or community involvement.Teacherpreneur roles are designed to match individual teachers’ strengths and the needs of schools, students, and communities. A teacherpreneur might collaborate with colleagues to identify effective teaching practices, advocate for statewide or national reform, or take on additional roles in their communities or external organizations.
Link to Exemplar:  http://store.tcpress.com/0807751545.shtml
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