Domain 1 Exemplars:
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T. Waters Balanced Leadership: What 30 Years of Research Tells us About the Effect of Leadership on Student Accountability article
Alan Wieder Math and Science Leadership Academy: Creating a Teacher-Led School for Diverse Learners article
C. Leana The Missing Link in School Reform article
Alma Harris Teacher Leadership: A New Professionalism article
Elisa MacDonald When Nice Won't Suffice: Honest Discourse Is Key to Shifting School Culture article
H. Ware Teacher and Collective Efficacy Beliefs as Predictors of Professional Commitment article
J.M. Weiner Finding Common Ground: Teacher Leaders and Principals Speak Out About Teacher Leadership article
Eleanor Drago-Severson How Adults Learn article
Alesha Daughtrey Transforming School Conditions: Building Bridges to the Education System that Students and Teachers book, article
Roland Barth Teacher Leaders As School-Based Reformers article